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PC Tuneup & Virus Removal



An extensive cleanup of your computer. Includes removal of viruses, speed optimization, and startup speedup. Organization of files is available. Guaranteed to make your computer run faster. One of the most popular services!

Virus Removal



A professional removal of viruses causing your computer to operate improperly. This option is for those who don't want the full tuneup, but just the security of knowing they are free of viruses.

Website Design & Development


$35 / hour

Do you need a website for your small business or organization? Affordable websites with a custom look and feel that templates won't offer you. From brand new websites to re-designed websites. Now offering responsive mobile design!

Hardware Replacement



Professional installation of a brand-new computer hardware now available! Includes screens, keyboards, hard drives, wireless cards and more.

RAM Installation



A professional installation of more RAM for your computer. RAM will increase the overall speed of your computer and helps your ability to multitask without freezing.

Backup & Data Recovery



A backup of your data most often utilized when your computer or device fails. Includes the use of special equpment & software to retrieve your files. Your information is always safe and secure at Seth Graham Design.

Mac Tuneup & Virus Removal



A full tune-up of your Mac includes removal of unnecessary software, malware scan and removal, and removal of other harmful potentially unwanted programs.

OS Refresh



A full reformat of your hard drive. Includes re-installation of Windows operating system.

Windows 10 Upgrade



Windows 10 is available right now. The latest operating system from Windows can be tricky to install, especially if you have insufficient Internet speed.

Photo Restoration


$5 per photo

Do you have old photos with rips or marks on them? Bring them in for professional photo restoration now available!

VHS to DVD Conversion


$25 / tape or (2) for  $45

Do you have old camcorder or video tapes that you want to watch but can't because your equipment is too old? Set your memories free with VHS to DVD conversion!

DVD Slideshow


Prices vary by project

A professional, high-quality video slideshow of your photos compiled and synced to music of your choice burned to a DVD.

Computer Assistance


$40 / hour

Various computer fixes that don't categorize under a specific area. Includes computer tutoring & instruction.

Smartphone & Tablet Assistance



Assistance with your mobile device or tablet, including optimizing your storage space for the best performance & overall usage.

Other Services


Prices vary

I offer a variety of other services that just don't fall into any of these categories. Feel free to inquire.

All service prices are based on labor fees. These prices do not include the price of parts or sales tax.