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Privacy and Use Policy

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At Seth Graham Computers & Design, I seek to understand and respect the unique needs and perspectives of the community. I value every customer and am committed to ensuring that my website, and all of the websites that I design provide accessible content to individuals with disabilities. To meet this goal, I have invested time in learning the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0) and ways to implement various accessibility features into my design as well as the designs I do for my clients.

I urge my clients to do the same and incorporate these accessibility guidelines into their day-to-day businesses to ensure a quality experience for all.

While I can take proper measures to ensure I have added the care and quality within my knowledge of the ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance to my website and designs, my knowledge is limited and I cannot guarantee that they are 100% complaint with all guidelines. I strongly advise that my website clients take further steps to add more accessibility options to their own website beyond what basics I do. My clients understand that I am harmless from any and all legal and other related matters with website accessibility.



Seth Graham Design offers limited hosting services as a reseller of In Motion Hosting. For this reason, I am not responsible for what happens with their servers. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure his/her data is backed up. If he/she decides, they can opt-in to backup solutions. Seth Graham Design is not responsible for downtime of a website, as we have no control over the servers. Physical memory and high CPU usage can have an effect on this, so it’s important to know beforehand if you will have high traffic on your website. Websites are prone to attacks if not protected properly. Weak passwords can be a leading factor. Seth Graham Design is harmless of any liability related to hacked websites and the client is responsible for remediation.