Jennifer KrauseThe Avon Inn
Seth Graham has been nothing but patient and super responsive to all of my crazy requests. If you are in need of a web designer or Tech guy....He is your guy!

Karen Dykstra, Caledonia, NY
Seth helped me with a related problem. He fit me into his schedule very quickly, and my problem was solved the same day. I recommend him highly..

Joyce EichenbergerCaledonia, NY
5 STARS!!! Seth is the best. Has become a good friend. So grateful to have him in Caledonia. Quick to respond and knows the fix!!! He certainly has my recommendation. Thank you Seth....

Holly UbertyLeRoy, NY
Seth is fantastic! Not only was he super quick to respond to my initial email for help with a failing laptop, but he was able to work out a schedule that fit perfectly into mine. He kept me informed of his progress the entire time he had my laptop and when he figured out the problem, he gave me options on prices that were amazingly reasonable. He has even followed up after the fact to make sure things were still going well! Seth has amazing customer service and made me feel like I was the only person he was focused on helping. I highly recommend him and won't be going anywhere else for help in the future.

Pam RowlandCaledonia, NY
5 stars for sure for Seth. He has fixed every computer problem I have had, and helped me out numerous times. He is very professional, yet makes meeting fun. We have become friends because he is always ready to help when we need him. He has even helped us with non-computer issues. I would recommend him to anyone. I think he has become known for his exceptional service around our entire town. Thank you Seth for always being there for us!

Wendy BulterCaledonia, NY
Seth is excellent at his job! He is professional and goes above and beyond to help his customers! I recommend him highly!

Alice PfenningerMumford, NY
Seth is so friendly, professional and knowledgeable - I have found my electronics guy!!! The added bonus is he is here in our town and very easy to contact. His response time is AMAZING, even after the sale. Nowadays, who raves about customer service??? Thanks Seth - you are the best!! If you have computer issues or needs, I highly recommend calling Seth - you won't be disappointed!!!

Jackie GuthrieMumford, NY
Seth is the go to guy!

Kailee SalamoneSpringwater, NY
Amazing turn around time! Wonderful work! Very pleased with Seth's work!

Bonnie BaileyCaledonia, NY
I can't begin to tell you how much Seth has helped us. I don't really get along well with computers, he has saved me from many and all the messes you can imagine. Thanks again Seth.

Sharon HammondCaledonia, NY
I feel the need to give props to Seth Graham WHO CAME TO MY RESCUE yesterday and helped me with my computer/printer issues. If you ever need some help, call Seth. He is a very nice young man and was so patient with my nervous self!!!!

Sarah SherwoodCaledonia, NY
As I mentioned before, I had my computer cleaned up after two years of abuse and chaos! I cannot say enough good things about Seth Graham Design. Seth not only helped me organize all my photos, templates, fonts and all the other craziness I have been collecting, but he updated my iOS, which was where my computer crashed back in the fall, and installed additional memory to my Mac, speeding up everything so it runs like a top. He also literally cleaned out the dirt that had collected inside while he was in there. Best of all, Seth kept me informed every step of the way, sending me messages and screen shots of the new iOS and making sure I wasn't a nervous wreck because my entire business relies on that little machine. If your computer is not up to speed, please get in touch with Seth. He is so affordable and such a genuine, helpful person!

Rebecca Mynter, Churchville, NY
Seth repaired our laptop quickly (overnight!) with professionalism, skill and was fairly priced. I will return and have already recommended him to friends!

Danielle JonesLeRoy, NY
Seth is the graphic designer and manager of my website and I cannot praise him enough for the work that he has done and continues to do. From creating my website, maintaining updates, to creating logos and banners, Seth does it all! He is a man of many hats and ALWAYS completes his projects within a very short amount of time. His professionalism as well as talent in this industry is supreme! I am excited to watch his company continue to grow! Hands down best experience I have ever had with creating my store website. Seth, is extremely professional and efficient! Thank you!

Deb HoagCaledonia, NY
Seth was able to remove 608 viruses and restore my sound drive, as well as updating my antivirus software. He was able to come right to my house and for a very reasonable price. He is fast and very professional. Thank you again, Seth.

Victoria GaffneyCaledonia, NY
Whenever I need help with an electronic device of mine, or whenever I simply have a question I contact Seth. Not once has he ever not been able to figure out the problem. Not only is he great with electronic devices, but he is fast & efficient. Plus, he runs security scans and updates things on my computer all the time that I never would have known about! Seth's the computer wizard!

Joan CappotelliCaledonia, NY
Seth was here yesterday, he found over 2000 viruses on our computer!! It runs great now, Seth is remarkable at fixing pc problems. Please get in touch with him if you have any computer trouble, you'll be glad you did!! I don't think our computer has worked this fast in a long time!! Seth is very efficient at fixing what needs fixing.

Ally UbertyLeRoy, NY
Seth has helped my dad several times whether if it was our computer or anything on his phone. Seth always has a big smile on his face and is such a huge help! I highly recommend him!

Geena GrattanCaledonia, NY
Every time I have an issue with my computer, a laptop, printer, etc. Seth has the answer for how to fix it. He gets it right each time and I have had no issues with his work. He is flexible, professional, and knows that he is doing. I would recommend Seth for various types of projects, whether it be web design or just help with every day computer problems.

Marlee BeaversCaledonia, NY
I am an online grad student and when water recently ruined my computer, Seth managed to save the hard drive and find me a reasonably priced new computer that is working great! Seth then spent hours educating me on my new computer and Windows 10 to make sure I was able to complete my school work without any problems. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Beth MuhsBeth's Salon
Seth's my go to guy with all computer stuff!!

Patricia HuntChurchville, NY
Seth knows his stuff and is the only one I trust working on my computer!!! Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed

Natasha BurgerCaledonia, NY
Just got my laptop back from Seth. It was so far gone that the only thing I could do was boot it up and nothing else. I didn't have high hopes because it's pretty old. In just a couple of hours Seth had it cleaned out, removed over 200 viruses, and bought me several more months with it, and now it's up and running and I can work from home today instead of heading to my office in the city on this snowy day!

Nancy GayhartCaledonia, NY
You should have Seth Graham work on your computer! He worked on mine and did a very good job. Seth is the one to call when you have problems with your computer.

Gladys LathanCaledonia, NY
I called Seth after he was recommended to me by my daughter. He responded quickly and in no time had cleaned 1400 viruses off my computer and put things in order. He was kind enough to spend extra time to familiarize me with the changes he had made. He is super-qualified and generous....perhaps even a genius!

Darlene FisherCaledonia, NY
Seth is fabulous!! For a person that doesn't know anything about computers, I got myself into a mess. My laptop had 2000 viruses !! It's was no Challenge for Seth!! He had it up and running like it was, is bran new!! Thank you Seth Graham!!! You are fabulous!!!

Patty WadeCaledonia, NY
Seth did a great job fixing our computer! He also gave me great advice on helping our computer run faster was very reasonable. I will definitely use Seth for any future computer issues.

Nora BrunetteCaledonia, NY
I'm calling it 5 stars plus because the customer service deserves extra credit. He did a great job. Fixed everything I knew was wrong and a bunch of stuff I didn't. Installed my new printer and straightened out my Wi-Fi so now it is secure. I highly recommend this young man for any and all of your computer needs. You rock Seth!

Charlene MaciagLeRoy, NY
Seth is an intelligent, experienced professional who loves his job and knows his job and does it efficiently.

Kate GrayCaledonia, NY
Seth is very customer focused - promptly returns my calls and is always honest about what needs to be done to fix my problems. He is always smiling and enjoys what he does. He has helped me with my laptops and tablets. I recommend you give him a try.

Betty Jane PullyblankCaledonia, NY
I called Seth yesterday morning to come and take a look at my computer. Two hrs. later he arrived and did a super job. I would recommend him to anyone. He is the best and Caledonia is very fortunate to have this competent young man here in this community to take care of all our computer problems. Thank you Seth.

Kathleen MosesChurchville, NY
Thanks Seth for helping me out with my laptop. It's running a lot better! And thanks for the advise on my husbands laptop! I'm glad that you're local....,I always try to stay local when I'm searching for solutions! Great work!

Jeff MallaberCaledonia, NY
Bought a rebuilt desktop from Seth and had him install it. Amazing price, fantastic service, and this young man knows his stuff backwards and forwards. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Dave TytlerCaledonia, NY
Seth has been a great asset to me in managing both of the websites for the Cal-Mum Lady Raiders High School Volleyball team and the newly formed LAVA Volleyball Club. He gets information up quickly, is innovative on both sites and makes them user friendly and interactive which is extremely important to me.

Laura GaffneyCaledonia, NY
Seth is fantastic to work with. There has never been a time that he hasn't been able to fix my computer. Fast, efficient, reasonable rates, and fun to be around. Just when you think there is no way he can clean up the messes I have made, he gets it up working with no delay! Thank you Seth!!!

Alissa ShermanWheatland, NY
Seth does excellent work. He is very skilled at designing and maintaining web pages for various businesses. I would highly recommend Seth if your are looking to have a website built for your growing business.

Regis PollardHenrietta, NY
I used Seth's website to purchase apparel. Seth created a very professional website that was appealing and easy to navigate. I also communicated with him personally after the sale to request a delivery accommodation. He was extremely friendly and flexible enough to adjust to my needs.

Marion McCombsCaledonia, NY
I dropped my computer off to Seth at 9 PM on Tuesday and he called me at 10 AM on Wednesday to let me know he was done. What a professional job he did. I was given an invoice which detailed exactly what Seth had done, spelling out what I can do in the future so that this doesn't happen again, and in addition, he installed 3 programs to help keep the "junk" off and gave me written instructions and hints to utilize these programs.

Rosemary VanHarkenCaledonia, NY
Seth Graham is a lifesaver! He turned my frown upside down this week after my laptop CRASHED and I thought I had lost everything on it. He restored my info, cleaned out the viruses, reset everything up, installed anti-virus program. I ended up with a "like new" laptop, all at a very fair cost. Seth is accommodating and great to work with and explained things to me in a way I understand so I can better care for my laptop going forward! Two thumbs up

Peg LynchChurchville, NY
Thanks again Seth! You're the best

Kathy RaniewiczCaledonia, NY
THANK YOU for the great job you did on our laptop repair recently! Looking forward to having you fix our other computer very soon!

Tara KellyCaledonia, NY
Just wanted to make sure all of Caledonia knows what a great service we have right here! Seth did a GREAT job fixing my computer yesterday! Thanks, Seth!

Cathy HuntChurchville, NY
Seth Graham worked on my computer about 6 weeks ago when I was having trouble getting on webistes. I have Frontier for my phone and internet.....he kept telling me it was NOT my computer. I talked to several people over several days at Frontier and they kept telling me that my computer was infected. Long story short, it turns out that it was Frontier's problem so Seth knew more than they did. In the confusion of trying to get everything working again......Frontier moved all of my documents to a cloud after talking me into a service and when I found out it was not my computer I cancelled the service and all of my documents are GONE. Very disturbing. I give Seth FIVE *'s for his diligence, thoroughness and knowledge. Thanks Seth!




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